Blue Moose Sports Camp
“ANTLERS” Program

Blue Moose Sports Camp wants to encourage children to be active and play!  Sports are a great way to include everyone.  We are not looking to exclude anyone based on previous sport experience or skill level.  We want each child to feel comfortable trying new activities and have the confidence to attempt skills that might be tough.

We feel that the biggest obstacle in accomplishing this is the environment you are in.  We want Blue Moose Sports Camp to be a safe and encouraging experience.  We need every child to understand we come from different sport backgrounds.  We will all make mistakes and that is how we improve. 

Blue Moose Sports Camp is introducing the “ANTLERS” program.  We want our campers to go above and beyond, sport is not all physical, and help create the environment we all need to improve. 
Earn your “ANTLERS”

A –       Attitude – Is everything!  We need to have a positive attitude and accept that we may fail but we will never give up on an activity or skill.  Even though some skills are tough for us they can still be fun!

N -       Neighborly - A good neighbor is helpful, caring and kind.  We need to help each other.  Blue Moose should be a fun and kind place that gives us all the opportunity to try our best and improve.  We can do this with the help and support of our neighbors in camp.

T -       Teamwork – We cannot and should never have to do this alone.

L -        Leadership – We need to understand that leadership comes in different ways: through voice, through example, and through determination.  We want to create leaders!

E -       Encouragement – We need to help each other.  A kind word or some positive reinforcement can go a long way.  Words can take away so much but they can also be the small thing to push us past our previous best.

R -       Respect – We must respect everyone involved.  We show respect by listening to the person speaking, by treating others the way we want to be treated, by taking care of the equipment and by doing our best at all times.

S -        Sportsmanship – We need to understand that winning and losing are part of our everyday life, but as long as we do our best we can be proud in our effort.  Everyone’s best is different and we need to show each other that we appreciate the effort and competition that we all have.

Each day at Blue Moose Sports Camp the counselors will keep track of these behaviors for each child.  We will emphasis these behaviors in all of our games and model them throughout the camp.  We will spend time celebrating the behaviors that we see.  We will also be sending home updates about our successes.  We want the ANTLERS program to be something that the children earn.  They all have the ability and kindness to earn their ANTLERS they just need to make the choices to get there.  We are trying this program out during our after school program.  We will continue this program in the rest of our camps throughout the years.